richard feynman

what is it you would do anyway, if you didn’t have to do anything?

recently i had the opportunity to meet ed yong, of not exactly rocket science fame, speaking at a career’s day i attended; geared towards post-docs in the cancer research field, it was great to hear from people who started out doing similar things, and then took various turns to end up where they did. some inspiring stories, and some great people to speak to. i believe this is called ‘networking’, but tamsin (also famous these days) tells me it is much better thinking of this as “talking to nice and/or interesting people”.

coming from the day with an overwhelmingly positive message about careers in general, i was very taken to hear the same advice – regarding writing – from ed that i remember from richard feynman, though sadly not in person in that case: ‘do whatever you like doing, but do it a lot.’

i once harboured thoughts to be a writer, and if i find that voice again long enough to finish what i started years ago, then i will be satisfied. in the meantime, and oftentimes, i have found myself missing the blog i wrote many years ago and eventually pulled the plug on, wishing i had somewhere to note down things i thought were neat. and at those times i often hear my sister’s voice, in all its love and impatience, telling me to just get on with it. and it’s true, as difficult as it is to fully engage with the idea: the thing you think is stopping you – isn’t there.

and then you go to sign up for a new blog, to dicover you already had. looks like i’m one step ahead of me, for once.


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