what we’re wearing – the blitz white diamond gi

180230_585254324840464_243483611_nbackground: i do not require club members to buy their uniforms, belts, or other kit through the club, and i do not make any profit from the sale of equipment. having a club account with blitz allows me to pass on the savings to my club members, which is an incentive to purchase this way, but there is no obligation. i offer this review only as a reflection of my experience, and because i occasionally get asked.

i currently wear the white diamond gi from blitz, and have predominantly done so for a number of years. i find the gi to be eminently suitable for my needs, both for training and as an instructor. the material is heavy and allows for a dynamic ‘snap’ that is all but required for serious kata competition, and the japanese cut is currently favoured. standing at 180 cm tall, i wear the 190 or 195 cm in order to have the long jacket that is also fashionable, and do not have to tailor the gi at all. the gi is smart-looking, hard-wearing, and will last a long time (depending on the punishment you put it through); certainly longer than some others i have used. the gi shrinks a little for the first few washes, but otherwise is easy to manage; it will remain a good white, and does not require constant ironing if handled properly. i have a club logo embroidery and this also looks great.

my one criticism of the gi, and which i have raised with blitz, is that the gi is shipped with two sets of trousers. nominally, these are ‘kata’ and ‘kumite’ trousers, essentially meaning either short with a drawstring or longer with elasticated waist. the problem is that the difference in length is massive; i have never been able to use the longer trousers, and as such have a pile of these i have never worn. sending two sets of trousers would be a good bonus, given that the gi is not cheap, but blitz are unable to supply a second pair that would be a usable length, and simply ship what comes in the package. given my preference for a long jacket, i have no choice but to discard the longer trousers. were i to favour shorter, i would be wasting the shorter trousers. i cannot imagine i am the only one with this issue.

having worn a number of uniforms over the years, i think that the white diamond represents good value for money. it is an excellent quality gi for students, a good sturdy gi for kata competitors and for instructors, and although i use it for kumite it is not lightweight and might not suit serious sport fighters. in a world where it is possible – and often encouraged by those with a financial interest – to buy a gi for much more, i find it difficult to justify the marginally increased comfort/fit. for me, the white diamond falls somewhere at the balance of cost/benefit.


links for blitz products, and other uniforms:

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